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What is Mivan technology and what are its uses?

Mivan is a quality aluminum structure developed by a European construction company known as Mivan Company Ltd. In 1990, the company from Malaysia began manufacturing these formwork systems. This innovative form of work is actually suitable for constructing houses in large quantities at a faster speed.

The speed of construction needs to be given greater importance, especially for large housing projects or township project. In order to respond to these unusual challenges in terms of time, cost and quality, the real estate industry has come up with a smart method of construction known as the “MIVAN formwork system”. There are a number of buildings in Mumbai that are being constructed with the help of the Mivan technology, which has been declared economical as well as satisfying for the overall Indian real estate market.

Mivan technology has been used widely in Europe, Asia, Gulf Countries, and other parts of the globe. It is suitable for constructing a large number of houses in a short period of time using room size forms to construct walls and slabs in one constant pour on concrete.

Mivan Technology and its uses in India

Mivan technology has not been used widely in India but is very popular in Gulf countries, Europe, and some parts of Asia. Its use is being preferred in India to complete the most challenging government scheme – Housing for All by 2022.

Major components of Mivan Formwork

Mivan Formwork components are divided into 4 types based on the location of use:-

1)For Wall Components

  1. Wall Panel, d) Rocker, c) Kickers, and d) Stub Pin

2) Beam Components

  1. Beam Side Panel, b) Prop Head and panel for Soffit Beam

3) Deck Components

  1. Deck Panels, b) Deck Prop and Prop Length, c) Soffit Length

4) Other Components

The other elements used excluding the wall, beam, and deck parts are internal and external soffit corners, exterior and interior edges for wall panels.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mivan Shuttering


  • Mivan Formwork requires relatively less labor

  • Faster completion of floors

  • Lesser number of joints and reduced leakages

  • Smooth finishing of wall and slab

  • Low maintenance

  • More seismic resistance

  • Huge carpet area

  • Good quality construction work

  • Faster completion

  • No need for plastering


  • Alignment maintenance needs skilled laborers

  • Initial setup takes time

  • It is expensive and used for typical floors only

  • It needs skilled labors for alignment maintenance

  • Construction joints should be set properly

  • Leakage issue like seepage, leakages during monsoon

Area of Use

Mivan technology is preferred for constructing a large number of houses in a limited period of time without any trouble. This technology also makes use of room size structures to construct slabs and walls. It permits shuttering for both slabs and columns in construction. Walls of huge room size, as well as floor slabs, are done right through this kind of Mivan shuttering. They are extremely sturdy and strong forms and are constructed with the utmost accuracy plus it is easy to manage.

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